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Welcome to Rafting Adventure - Châtillon - Aosta Valley

Contact Us: +39 346 3090856

General conditions
of Rafting Adventure - Aosta Valley

Information about all the general conditions of the service.

  • Everyone can participate in our activities, without having to have previous experience to do it.
  • All persons under 18 must be accompanied by their father, mother, guardian or guardian. They can also participate by presenting a note signed by one of the aforementioned where they express clearly and unequivocally the will to authorize them to carry out said excursion.
  • Children under 5 years of age may share the day with their family members as companions, but for security reasons and to comply with current regulations stipulated by Naval Prefecture Argentina may not make descents, without exception.
  • Children under 14 may participate as passengers only on the Family excursion. For the rest of the activities, they may attend but exclusively as companions, without exception.
  • Rafting Adventure guides are experienced activity professionals and have all the necessary qualifications to perform this activity, including documentation of Naval Prefecture Argentina and National Parks.
  • The company has the opening of its offices throughout the year to answer questions, make budgets, etc. The period of operation for individuals is from September to May, and from July to May for the attention of groups, students and companies.
  • We recommend that passengers carry: replacement footwear (that can get wet), coat on cold days, swimsuit, towel, personal hygiene items and change of clothes according to the duration and type of activities to be performed. The company, for its part, will provide each passenger with the necessary clothing to carry out the excursion (wetsuit, helmet, dry jacket, life jacket, paddle).
  • Rafting Adventure reserves the right to modify and / or cancel departures and / or navigable routes due to force majeure, weather and / or lake conditions at the time it deems convenient.
  • The company may or may not provide the photographic service of the excursion, the latter being understood as taking photographs of the passengers during the hours of the full departure. The cost of the same is not within the value of the excursion, being the choice of each passenger their acquisition. The form and term in which said photographs are delivered to the passengers who acquire them, will depend on the requirements of the individual and the technical possibilities of the company to finalize said order. The photographs that individuals take with their own cameras are excluded from this point. Likewise, Rafting Adventure reserves the right to sell the photographs to individuals, becoming the sole intellectual owner of them and reserving the right to publish and / or use them according to their criteria, if deemed appropriate. In the event that any individual does not want the company to use their image, they must leave their request in writing in the claims book, indicating day of excursion, section, passenger name, ID and number of the photographs.
  • Each passenger has the freedom to carry with them during the excursion any type of personal element, provided that they do not threaten the safety of him and / or the rest of the people who accompany him, or against morals and good customs . The company is not responsible for the loss, loss, breakage, theft or theft of any of these elements. The guides have the power to stop and / or not make the exit if they consider that any of the elements carried by the passengers could cause material or personal damage to themselves or to any of the people who accompany them on the trip.
  • Rafting Adventure is not responsible for the comments and / or photographs that third parties may upload to your page and / or digital blog, the latter being the only ones legally responsible.
  • Our activities that constitute an adventure sport are not recommended for people with heart, lumbar, cervical, pregnant women and / or with conditions related to intense activities. In case of having any pathology of this type, and / or some kind of allergy of any kind, it is the passenger's responsibility to inform them when hiring the excursion. All people who participate in the activity, declare to know the risks of this activity and assume full responsibility for them, disabling the Rafting Adventure company for any inconvenience that may occur.
  • Rafting Adventure disclaims all liability of third party sayings (individuals, promoters, agencies and / or tourism companies) that, by attempting to market the product, could incur the crime of misleading advertising or other misleading information that does not coincide with the true scope and characteristics of the excursion expressed in this website, being the only ones responsible for such comments or false sales arguments.
  • The value of the excursion includes: everything expressed in each program, for groups, or individuals with private service, a budget will be set up with the detail of the service to be provided.
  • The company provides breakfast, lunch and / or snack services for its passengers, according to each excursion, with a fixed menu that will be informed to each one at the time of hiring. For those who, for personal reasons, do not want the usual menu, they can opt for an alternative vegetarian menu without additional charge. In the latter case, the passenger must make the request when hiring the excursion so that it can be completed. In case of not making such an order, the company reserves the right to provide the alternative or other menu that could supplant it, according to the technical possibilities of that moment.
  • The company reserves the right to modify the fixed menu of each excursion, in order to ensure the quality of the food provided to its passengers.
  • Methods of payment: each passenger may choose the form of payment they deem most convenient: cash, bank transfer and credit / debit card payment. In the case of payments through credit cards, they can make it directly or in monthly payments (it is the passenger's responsibility to check if the payment in installments implies any kind of interest in their charge). The prices of the excursions are expressed in Argentine pesos.
  • Cancellation Policies: For cases in which the cancellation of the excursion is made more than 24 hours in advance, the passenger will receive the total amount of the reservation paid. If the cancellation is made with less than 24 hours, the company reserves the right to retain the entire amount paid in due course by the passenger (s).
  • Every person who makes the excursion, declares to know and accept the general conditions expressed in this website, and that can also be consulted in the offices of Rafting Adventure.
  • The claims book is available to customers.

Any questions or queries please contact our customer service This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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